A Global Leader in Next-Generation Ceramic Formulations

As innovators of ceramic brake pad technology, Akebono was the first company to manufacture a copper-free original equipment formulation on a passenger vehicle in North America. Today, we bring the next generation of true-ceramic copper-free and low-copper formulations to the aftermarket. Our expertise allowed us to avoid reintroducing ferrous metal. These ceramic formulations deliver consistent braking performance and smooth stopping power – while virtually eliminating noise and dust.

Akebono EURO® and Akebono Performance® Ultra-Premium Brake Pads have always met low-copper regulations, from the moment they went to market. Going forward, Akebono ProACT® Ultra-Premium Brake Pads will also meet low-copper requirements, with the majority of the line meeting the no-copper level-N designation, and continue to deliver outstanding overall braking performance.

Concerns with Copper

As the brake pad wears, the copper contained in the material settles on roadways before eventually getting washed into waterways. Copper is toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. It interferes with a fish’s sense of smell, hindering their ability to avoid predators and making it difficult to return to their spawning areas.

Although other sources of copper exist (pesticides and water pipes, for example), it has been discovered that brake pads could account for up to 50 percent of the copper that enters waterways in urban areas. The Washington Better Brakes Law and the California Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Material Law aim to limit and eventually eliminate the presence of copper in brake pads.

Long-lasting Superior Performance

Akebono has made these changes without any drop-off in longevity, performance or durability. All Akebono formulations remain true-ceramic, which is why you’ll find the same low-dust and squeal-free stopping power you’ve come to expect from Akebono Brake Pads.