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Akebono ProACT Ceramic Brake Pads
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More than 90 vehicles have had Akebono Brake Pads factory installed!

It is no secret that when new vehicles are designed, the best parts are chosen for each one.  Everything works in perfect harmony to deliver the performance and quality intended by the vehicle manufacturer. All aspects of the vehicle's performance are taken into consideration, and time after time, these original equipment manufacturers choose Akebono!

Why original equipment manufacturers choose Akebono?

  • Akebono is the originator of Ceramic Technology for vehicle braking.  
  • Akebono's friction formulations are unmatched industry-wide, because each manufacturer-approved formulation is Akebono engineered for outstanding performance.  

OEMs chose Akebono, you should too!

Following is a list of vehicles which have had Akebono disc brake pads installed during the original assembly of the vehicle, for at least one model year of the vehicle's history, since 1990: